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ALEXIS 20 mm Cannon

ALEXIS 20 mm Cannon. DA, IPR & OEM

AEI Systems is the Design Authority (DA), Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and owner of the IPR and proprietary rights for this gun to the latest standard.

ALEXIS 20mm Cannon is a 20 x 102 mm calibre gas operated, reciprocating bolt, single barrel, lightweight cannon designed for use on rotary and fixed wing military aircraft, military vehicles, naval and coastguard vessels.

ALEXIS is a belt fed, disintegrating link weapon system with single shot and burst firing modes, with a variable pre-selected rate-of-fire of 300 or 750 shots per minute.
New design ammunition link for optimal feed and link ejection performance.
The feed system can be configured for use with M12 (M39 gun) or M14A2 (M61 gun) ammunition links.

Data specifications
Calibre:20 mm x 102 mm - NATO Standard
Gun mechanism:Single barrel, electrically fired, gas operated,belt feed, disintegrating link
Rate of fire:250 to 350 spm & 650 - 850 spm
Range (Effective)1500 m (max)
Muzzle velocity:1,030 m/s
Recoil force:2.5 kN mean; 4.5 kN max
Weight of cannon (less magazine):49 kgf
Cocking system: Mechanical or electrical
Ammunition feed:LH or RH (not switchable)
Weight;49 kfg
Length (Overall):2.3 m
Length (Barrel & muzzle brake);1.7 m
Width;190 mm
Height;210 mm
TPTarget practice
TP-TTarget practice Tracer
APArmour piercing
AP-TArmour piercing Tracer
HEI High explosive incendiary
MPMulti purpose
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