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ADEN 30 mm Aircraft Weapon Deactivated

ADEN 30mm Aircraft Weapon (deactivated) is supplied totally complete with a London Proof House ‘certificate of deactivation’, together with 5 linked ballast/dummy rounds partially loaded through the feed mechanism.

All parts have been thoroughly cleaned, repainted and lubricated and the gun professionally re-assembled by AEI’s resident armourer.

Deactivation has modified the following parts;

  • Gun barrel plugged and welded, slotted, partially sectioned (optional), pinned and welded to the breach cylinder housing assembly.
    The barrel is NOT removable,
  • Breech cylinder chambers plugged and welded,
  • Firing pin housing; firing pin protrusion hole welded closed.
    The rear of housing welded to breech cylinder shaft rear bearing.
    Firing pin housing is NOT removable.
  • Breech cylinder shaft rear bearing is NOT removable.
  • Firing pin striking tip removed,
  • Cradle ‘T’ brackets modified,
  • Front slide ejection ramps modified,
  • Rear slide secondary rammer modified,
  • Breach cylinder housing – being pinned to the barrel – is NOT removable

The 5 linked ballast/dummy rounds are loaded into the gun feed mechanism, with the first round jammed in the primary rammed position. The slides are therefore to the rear and return springs near fully compressed.

Using the return spring removal tool (optional), the feed mechanism is removable and slides functional using the hand cocking tool (optional).

The ADEN 30 mm gun

The ADEN 30 mm gun is a gas-operated, electrically primed revolver cannon, continuously improved and updated since its conception in the early 1950s
The compact nature of this self-powered cannon makes it an attractive option for relatively simple on-aircraft installation, for the underslung pod, under-fuselage blister and interior fuselage carriage.
Mounting of the gun is possible at any angle through 360 degrees on the longitudinal axis to suit aircraft installation requirements. Both left and right-hand feed versions are manufactured.


Calibre:30 x 113 mm
Total weight:87 kg
Overall length:1,590 mm
Barrel length:1,080 mm
Barrel weight:12.25 kg
Rifling:progressive RH parabolic twist, 16 grooves
Rate of fire:1,200—-1,400 spm
Muzzle velocity:790 m/s
Recoil load:31.4 kN mean
Cocking System:Pneumatic & manual
Firing System:Electrical: 24 V DC / 115 V AC

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ADEN 30-1